English writings

SUMMER SUNDAY - 28th July 2019

Morning wakes up with sticky feeling of heatwave
 that is still here.
It took only a little nap, giving only a little relief and
came back
Showing of how summery it can be.

Stepping outside doesn't make any difference.
Warmth hits straight to your face
making you secretly sigh.
You are a summer person but this is just too much.
Almost silently
with just a little swooshing sound
matte grey coloured pigeon takes off to it's
Wings from the shadows of the greatest
spruce in the hoods
it is heavy
but it flies efficiently and determined.

Not a leaf makes any movement in the trees
of summer's end faded colours,
loosing their green
as part of the process
of letting go.

Of summer.

You close your eyes.
Sun is so strong it feels like pinching your
From the open door
behind you
You can smell the fresh coffee
waiting to be your elixir
your comfort
your vitamin

To be efficiently and determinedly you
when the summer is still here.

And you smile.
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